Monday, 8 October 2012

Cherished memories

  Sometimes, somethings are worth remembering.....
~Like the first time I went Starbucks with my partner in crime (Saff)

~Or making my first scoobie...(which failed, but  hey yolo)

Or having my stepping into a river, and having your wellies filled with freezinnggg cold water
(Random picture btw, but ya get the jist!)

~Looking out a plane window, into the clouds (your ears pop around this time....kinda spoils the moment!)

~Eating oreo's! (I wish I could eat that probably could) :D

~Cute baby laughs

~Singing to my hearts content, even though i might be off tune!

All things are cherished! ;D

Belive in yourself
pass it on
(because your beautiful!)
Hannah xx

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