Friday, 2 November 2012

Hacked by her partner in crime.

Hello to whoever is reading this.
Hannah has ditched me for some other people, and left me all on my own, so i thought I'd get up to no good and hack into her blog. Ha!, what shall we talk about? hmm.
Well i could go on about how long it takes her to open a pack of biscuits when everyone is really hungry.
Or, i could talk about her love for strawberry laces.
Or, the fact that she is just simply, plain-weird. (but in the best possible way. I think.)

Just so you know. Hannah is called Hannah. Just so you know.
She has really long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is really tall, well she is to me anyway because I'm, well, I'm tiny compared to her. She loves the colour purple and has an eye for vintage clothes. She can sometimes be quite sarcastic and sly, but that's just Hannah for you. You get used to it... ;-)

See, i know all that about her, yet she still ditches me. Huh. Some people! Never mind aye!
Anyway, a cup of tea is waiting for me and Hannah's blog is too quiet. Bye folks. You never know, i might pop back again sometime. (hehe!) - - - Yeah, i found that funny.

Tra xox

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