Thursday, 20 June 2013

When it all falls apart

When it all falls apart, keep on going.

When nothing seems right, remember you are never alone.

But above all
Be yourself

 I'm in a storm at the moment. That sort of storm that starts brewing up whenever it wants and becomes more powerful each time. The devil enjoy's making us suffer, he loves inventing even more ways to bring us down, but through the trials and tribulations, if you listen carely theres the heavenly voice of Jesus just aching to pull you through. God's calling maybe less quieter than the devil's. But God isn't an antention seeker, nor does he force us to do anything.
But when you do focuse on his voice, his love is outstanding, his faith is uplifting and his determination is mindblowing!
For me God is my Jam on toast,
my cup of tea,
the vanilla bit inside an oreo
He's that the thing that makes me, me.

God knows what you're going through, and he doesn't want you to go through it alone. The next time your worried, upset, or somethings bothering you, listen. Listen to that gentle voice that wants to take it all away. Read his word, sing his name, for whenever you call he answers, you just have to listen.

Believe in yourself
pass it on
(because you're beautiful!)
Hannah xx

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