Wednesday, 10 April 2013

OUCH* Its April..../I know that feeling

Firstly I apologise that I haven't said anything for like...4 months! Its amazing how time goes so fasst.............
My life is a pretty flippin mess...but hey i'm still smiling so yeah. :-D

Ok apart from ditching you guys, some pretty awesome stuff has happened.....

You may ask...what?


Like many people have their own little problems such as not being able to tie there shoe laces, or throw up at the sight of cheese...well i have a difficulty swallowing tablets.
So for the past 14 years I have had to had calpol.
Sad right?!
Well me at the moment is a very sick bunnie. And my doctor prescribed me some medicine...but no that 'liquid banana flavoured medicine', no! I had tablets. Even the word just makes me shiver, so for the past week i have been taking them and quite amazingly i am still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats pretty gross. But HIGH FIVE PEOPLE!
I have got a new achievement in my life :-DDDDDDDDD
The first time i did it, it may not seem much to you (the readers) but i had a real difficulty, and I was like a big baby crying my eyes out! No matter how much i tried to do it I kept on swallowing the water not the tablot!
I was beginning to give up, when i looked at the cross in our small blue bathroom with cows and sheep painted over it and i said..
"Jesus help me"
I closed my eyes and i felt so at ease, i believed that i could do it and i did!
So thats my message for today, I want feel that feeling of peace in everything i do because mate...Jesus is alive and no matter how hard we think it is if we just call on him, he will answer!

Believe in yourself
pass it on
(because your beautiful!)

Hannah xx

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