Monday, 30 July 2012

I am who I am

Hey bloggers,
Frst of sorry havn't been blogging for some time, had things to do, didn't have enough time to sort out my life. But now because it's the summer holidays i have got breathing space!
Apology bit out the way lets get back to the blog!
Life's a worrier, and doesn't always go as you planned...let me tell you a lil' story about mwa, my life so far has been a mixture of feelings and emotions. Surprise, surprise i never really know what to expect out of someone, if they'll be nice or like me for who I AM. It feels like people have token every bit of me out and put something else in that suits them. What most people think, i'm a tall shy blondie who doesn't know her left from her right, doesn't have a taste in fashion, music. Doesn't have a life. But actually, that tall blondie is growing confidently, and is starting to shake off people who don't like ME for who I AM. I have my own trends, love going out shopping with my friends, loves music to bits. And is a big lover of singing. And if that isn't a life then i'm in trouble!
My life changed because i met people who where like me, in the same situation, and i found myself through Christ. He opened my eyes and my heart to realise that those other people are making different and not who God wants me to be, we are fearfully and wonderfully made.
So come on girls, your all unique and loved so very much by a very powerful and amazing God! I remember one girl, went over her house had a go at me for brushing my teeth wrong! At the time i toke it seriously but looking back i would of laughed and said "Its just toothpaste, deal with it". That girl grew up knowing that she had me beaten, she knew everything about me and what my weakness's where. But she didn't, in fact she probably got it all wrong!
So this is my post for today, love your life, don't let people change it because then you won't be you! God loves you for being you!
Believe in yourself,
pass it on.
(Because you're beautiful)!


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